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With Convention Hall closed and under renovation for the next several years, we now have the opportunity to take the show on the road. We have partnered with many iconic and like minded people and hosted the market at the Brighton Bar, Forgotten Boardwalk Brewery, and outside in Bradley Park. So kee[p a look out for where we will popo up next!


The next market will be at the Jersey Shore Arts Center, located at the entrance to Ocean Grove. Previously the old Neptune High School, the Ocean Grove Historical Society has renovated and repurposed the building as an art haven, hosting artists, theatre groups and events. The building itself is as iconic (and older!!) than Convention Hall, with just as many great stories. 

Location: The Jersey Shore Arts Center is located 66 South Main Street in Ocean Grove. This is at the entry to Ocean Grove, just as you approach the gates to the town. 

Kids and pups: Kids under 10 are admitted free, and there is plenty for them to do. Wandering the aisles of unique merchandise is entertaining, and we even have a young one who brings his own milk crate, so he can stand on it to easily peruse the record collections!! In addition, there are bands upstairs, and the kids love to rock out!! However, we are not sitters, and you are responsible and must remain with your child at all times. As for our four legged (and other non-human) friends, we love them, but the building does not permit them in the venue. Of course, certified assist animals wearing their credentials are welcome. 

Other Activities: We know the Punk Rock Flea Market is an awesome destination in and of itself, but there are other things to check out. Don't worry we have you covered. Asbury Park, our home, is only 3 blocks away, with restaurants, bars and more shopping. And if you have never been to Ocean Grove, it is a historic town full of Victorian homes, a quaint downtown with soda shoppe, and of course, the beach and boardwalk. 

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